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Schedule Classes start at 8:30 a.m. daily.

How it Works

Synchronous Learning

Students attend live class time and collaborate with their teachers and peers.  Typically, each student shall receive a daily lesson in reading, writing, math, social-emotional learning (SEL), and English Language Development (for English Language Learners). Students will receive at least once per week, a lesson in Science and Social Studies. 

Each student should participate in at least one small group in reading, writing, and math per week.

All English learners are required to participate in daily designated ELD.  Integrated ELD shall also be included in daily instruction.


Asynchronous Learning

Students will also participate in asynchronous learning activities to support learning.

  • Pre-recorded lessons
  • Self guided instructional lessons/activities/modules
  • Discussion forums, online collaboration/chats that do not happen live



Students will be assigned independent timebound work that supports mastery of grade-level standards and provides opportunities to practice the content and instruction of synchronous and asynchronous learning. In order to include synchronous instruction in instructional time calculations, students must have a work product evaluated for time value as an outcome from their participation in synchronous instruction.

  • Independent work on district-supported digital content platforms (i.e. ST Math, Dreambox, Imagine Learning, etc.)
  • Independent reading and writing
  • Independent Practice
  • Completion of projects
  • Choice or Menu Boards


Instructional Time Requirements

  • Required minutes converted to hours
    • K           36,000 minutes = 200 minutes a day or 3.33 hours
      1–3        50,400 minutes = 280 minutes a day or 4.66 hours
      4–8        54,000 minutes = 300 minutes a day or 5 hours

Minimum Instructional Day

  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten a minimum of 180 minutes.  
  • Grade 1st - 3rd a minimum of 230 minutes
  • Grade 4th - 6th a minimum of 240 minutes

The majority of daily instructional minutes (not less than 55-60%) will be delivered synchronously in a combination of whole class and small group instruction.  While every student will receive daily synchronous instruction, every student may not receive the same amount each day.  Students will receive daily lessons in reading, writing, mathematics, social-emotional learning (SEL) and English Language Development (for English Language Learners); and Science and Social Studies lessons at least once per week.

Student Content and Standards